The Perrin Method

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"Manifesting a painting is no different than manifesting any other experience in our lives."

– Dennis Perrin

Announcing our resident Artist Coach:

Aimee Perrin

Aimee Perrin was alongside Dennis for his entire artist journey, from the moment he picked up his first brush, to the final painting he painted in 2021.

"I was getting my degree in Fine Art while Dennis was getting his in psychology. After putting painting on hold for 30 years, to raise a family and to pose for Dennis’s many figure paintings, I finally started painting again. It was this same time Dennis started teaching through his online courses which I filmed and often took part in the discussions of his method. I would also accompany Dennis traveling all over the world to assist him in teaching workshops. When I started painting again, I used the Perrin Method that Dennis had devised, to re-teach myself how to paint."

Our beloved Dennis Perrin, father, husband, art teacher, spiritual coach, unexpectedly passed away on November 13th, 2021. His love and energy lives on through his teachings of art and the way he cared about life. You can find this and experience it through his virtual courses, and online teachings.

We know that his teachings deserve to be available to anyone who is interested. 

Unleash your artistic genius. 

What would it feel like to be the caliber of artist that you’ve always dreamed of being?

How would that feel? Good, right? Satisfying? Of course!

The question becomes, “How do I get there?

It might take the right teacher, one who believes in you, who knows how to inspire you, to challenge you, to provide you with the tools and the techniques that can bring you to express the Genius that is you.

What would it feel like to be the artist you’ve dreamed you could be?

Let’s find out here:

"Manifesting a painting is no different than manifesting any other experience in our lives."

– Dennis Perrin


Tune in anytime, anywhere in the world

Go at your own pace


Through a consistent process of vivid interaction, including live-streamed demonstrations, lively, interactive discussion, individual research projects, and real time Q & A, along with one on one mentoring, we explore and discover together personal, creative terrain that has yet only been imagined. Anytime you want to submit your art for feedback, your coach Aimee will be right along with you.

By eliminating conflicting, dissonant beliefs, and sharpening focus on real, attainable yet lofty goals, you will soar to heights of painting and creative expression that you may not have thought possible. 

Oh, and we also delve into more “realistic” topics like, simplification, value identification, design and composition, color theory, the power of temperature shifting, paint application, palette principles, and so very much more!

Hear from The Perrin Method™ Virtual Students:

  • Dennis Perrin Fine Art

    “As a bare beginner, I have taken many of your online courses and then I just kept painting with what I learned ... now I have gone back and revisited the courses again  chasing the light!!!!
    I have finally painted something that I am excited about, as I used all the info from all the courses and I am happy with the result . I know there is lots more to learn...but I wanted to tell you how much your courses have brought to my art and my life. Now during the lock-down in New Brunswick Canada...I have time to really paint A LOT!”


  • Dennis Perrin Fine Art

    “You will learn more from Dennis in weeks or months than you will learn in years from almost any university art school!

    It took me a while to finish this painting but I have noticed that I am now starting to enjoy the process. It is not a struggle anymore. Just love it! Looking forward to my next assignment.”


  • Dennis Perrin Fine Art

    “My challenge (as a very new student of Dennis) is to keep reminding myself of the simplicity of shapes and how to stay with the abstract, not the literal. The other challenge, is to keep my pools of color to at most 4 as I proceed. But I am loving the structure and the deliberateness of the process. It's really helping me!”