The Artist Genius Circle

The secret to releasing our genius lies in the concept of belief. Regardless of all other factors, it is our beliefs — and in particular, our belief about ourselves — that is the single biggest factor in deciding whether or not our native genius will be fully expressed!

If we believe we possess special qualities, then those qualities will become apparent in our work. 

The question becomes, how do we cultivate and nurture this belief if it is not seemingly present in us?


It’s a word that’s thrown around a lot. But who or what constitutes genius?

Could it be that a genius is someone who focuses acutely on something they care about intensely and thus becomes highly adept at it.

Is genius a quality we all possess?

Or is it a divine gift granted to a select few?

We're here to prove that the former statement is true, and we've established The Genius Circle to prove it.

Won’t you step inside the circle and find out for yourself?

Mindset + Meditation

Exercises designed to support and reinforce the skills needed to move to the genius level of painting that were introduced in the demonstration video will be suggested.

Monthly Coaching

In each Module, Dennis focuses on a single issue, principle, or facet of painting. The lessons will help you solve some of the stickiest problems and situations you may find yourself in during the painting process.

Genius Blog

Video archives that will address some of the mental and emotional obstacles we all face as artists, offering simple, common sense solutions, will also be released during the first week of the month.

Monthly Genius Mastermind

Conducted live, this Mastermind takes place Thursdays, every week! During these sessions, you will join artists just like you from around the world and mastermind with Aimee Perrin and the Genius Squad of The Perrin Method. This interactive experience includes questions, resources, suggested topics and so much more.

The average cost of art school is $42,000 per year.
Own the Genius Circle today for $495

The Genius Circle is accessible from any device, anywhere you live in the world.

-GC-2.pngTap in, tune in, whenever your schedule allows and your heart desires.

Included in the Genius Circle:

- 16 Video Modules + Lessons by Genius Coach Dennis Perrin

- Mastermind Sessions with Aimee + Camille + Artist Circle Members from around the world 

- 16 Homework Prompts to Activate Your Artistic Genius

- Global Community forum with all Circle Members + Genius Circle Ambassadors

- Opportunities to share your work on Dennis Perrin Fine Art Social Networks

- Mindset Meditations designed by Dennis Perrin to assist with overcoming obstacles as an artist 

All for just $495