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General FAQ

Q. I’m a Beginner Painter. Are The Perrin Method™ Courses for Me?

The Perrin Method™ courses are designed for painters who fall somewhere in between intermediate and the accomplished professional. However, if you are a someone who has had some training and are not an absolute beginner, then you would certainly benefit from The Perrin Method™. If you're not sure whether you're considered beginner or intermediate, please feel free to email us and we can talk about whether or not The Perrin Method™ is right for you. Click HERE to contact us!

Q. I’m Busy Now, Can I Purchase an Established Course Now and Take It Later?

The Perrin Method™ virtual courses are designed for the student painter to access and move through course material at their own pace. Once you enroll in an established virtual course, you immediately receive lifetime access to the classroom material. This means that you decide when you begin and when you finish any given course. You can move through the course in parts and pieces as your schedule allows it, or you can complete the course much faster.

Q. How Does One Course Differ From Another?

All of The Perrin Method™ courses follow a similar template with special emphasis in each case on the specific subject of the course title. In every case, historical perspectives, basic principles of value, color, and temperature, materials, palette, paint application, and The Perrin Method™ approach to simplification is covered. What varies course to course is how all of this information is applied to a specific subject, i.e., the Floral Still Life. This is primarily realized through video demonstrations (either Live or recorded) that are narrated in real time by the artist. Included in each course is the emphasis on the "behind-the-scenes" thought process, using creative imagination and intentional visualization. Also included are cumulative homework assignments that develop in the student a deeper understanding of the material at each phase of the course.

Q. Are Live Models a Requirement To Enroll In a Course?

It’s always ideal to have "live" subjects for any painting. However, it is not a requirement to participate in courses. Dennis is a strong advocate for painting from life. That said, we understand that sometimes there is difficulty in painting from life. We suggest you "do your best under any circumstance”.

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Q. Will I Receive a Certificate For Completing a Course?

Students that submit all assignments may receive a certificate of completion upon request.

Q. Do I Need My Own Studio to Participate in Any of The Perrin Method™ Offerings?

You do not need a private studio to take any of The Perrin Method™ offerings. We do recommend finding a space where you will be able to leave your supplies setup without being dismantled or disrupted frequently. 

Q. How Do I Access the Course Once I've Signed Up?

As soon as you complete your purchase you can expect a welcome email in your inbox containing a direct link to the virtual classroom, as well as your account login information. Be sure to check your spam or junk mail if you do not see it.

The course material, modules, private Facebook group, assignments, Q&A videos, and group discussion are all accessible through the virtual classroom, which is also where you'll be able to follow the modules in order.

Q. I Use Acrylics. Would This Still be Compatible with The Perrin Method™ Technique?

Although Dennis teaches the alla prima oil technique, he has had students that use a variety of media, including acrylic and pastel. However, because the method Dennis teaches is best suited to wet-on-wet oil painting, students usually switch to oils during courses.

In addition, even though the painting instruction is solely alla prima oil technique, Dennis' teachings on thinking about painting, composition, value, color, temperature, personal vision, visualization, and meditation apply to all forms of art. 

Q. How Do I Contact You if I Have Questions About Which Course to Choose?

For help or questions regarding The Perrin Method™, please email us at, or try our new Live Chat option available Monday through Friday on

Q. Can I Miss a Week or Two and Still Catch Up Later?

The Perrin Method™ courses never expire. We encourage each student to go at their own pace with whatever their current schedule will allow. Students may always submit assignments and get feedback and any questions answered within the group discussions and private Facebook groups.

Q. Can I Still Sign up For The Academy?

Dennis decided to discontinue The Dennis Perrin Academy in its present form for a variety of reasons.
Dennis will be taking from the Academy the resounding success of the one on one Mentoring Sessions and offering stand alone sessions to anyone who wishes to study with a mentor individually. Mentoring Sessions will be available in one, three, or six sessions with the opportunity for follow up. Dennis works with the student to design a specific curriculum based on the individual to follow and attain their goals as an artist. His intention is to empower the individual artist to find their unique path to finding their own voice and to express that voice fully on canvas or any other medium of choice. 
Be sure to sign up for The Perrin Method™ newsletter to receive info on the launch of the Mentoring Sessions, as well as the latest updates, offers and promos! Sign up on

Q. I'd Like to Enroll in a Live Course. How Does that Work?

Live courses work very similarly to established courses, except for Live courses contain interactive demonstrations, whereas established courses contain the recorded version of the interactive demonstration.

We believe that all The Perrin Method™ courses are created equal as far as content goes, but there is a unique aspect of the live element available to the student who does enroll in a Live course. Because a Live course unfolds within the realm of the outlined timeframe, each module, as well as the Homework/Play, is released at specific times each week. 

Q. Where Can I Order Live Flowers Delivered to My Door?

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Q. Does Dennis Recommend a Specific Lighting Setup?

Yes, Dennis does recommend a specific lighting setup. See HERE for more info.  

With this lighting setup, he specifically recommends Halogen lightbulbs. See HERE for more info. 

Q. What is Your Refund Policy?

Refunds are available ONLY with full proof of course participation. This means that all assignments must be completed and submitted within 14 days after you complete the course. 
We are confident that you are going to love every part of The Perrin Method™. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact us for a full refund.

Q. How Do I Book Dennis for a Live Workshop?

To inquire about booking Dennis for a Live workshop in your area, please email 

The Master Series

Q. What Is the Master Series?

The Master Series are one time Live Streamed Demonstrations with Master Painter Dennis Perrin, with each demonstration focused on a different subject. This interactive event includes questions and commentary with live narration by the artist, while featuring a variety of camera angles that focus on the subject, the canvas, and the palette. Dennis includes a discussion of materials, technique, set up and composition, as well.

Q. Where Can I Learn More and Sign-up for The Master Series?

Learn more and sign-up for The Master Series HERE.

How Often Does The Master Series Take Place?

Dennis typically offers The Master Series once per month. 

Still have questions?

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