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(or at least get a little better!)

The Flower Series is designed for the painter who loves the timeless, universal subject, the beautiful flower, upon which we love to dwell with our gaze.

Who doesn’t love the classic Garden Rose or English Rose, for instance, with its disarming beauty and its siren song allure?

Or how about the Queen of all flowers, the Peony, whose unparalleled aesthetic, infinite petal count, and spectacular architecture, send even the most masterful of painters into a tizzy as to how to tame it into artistic submission.

From the Dutch Still Life masters, to 19th Century French master Henri Fantin Latour, to contemporary masters like Michael Klein, Daniel Keyes, Jacob Collins, and Dennis Perrin, the Rose and the Peony represent the pinnacle of artistic achievement.

And through this latest series of courses, Dennis Perrin takes you through the perfect approach to making the flower painting a central feature in your own work.

Through his trademark The Perrin Method™, Perrin will show you — through hours of video and carefully narrative — precisely how to “tame” this wildly beautiful subject into a delicate, delightful, and delicious centerpiece of artistic expression. 

In the hands of a Master Painter, these subjects can be become transcendent, leaping off the canvas to become nearly heroic in their power and presence.

Dennis takes you through every single stage of his process, all the way from the first urges to choose the subject, to the very last finishing stroke, narrated along the way to reveal the thoughts, the strategies and the many choices made throughout.

Each course is unique, both in subject and conception, but they all contain the solid, fundamental grounding that Dennis imparts in all of his teachings, including the importance of value, color harmony, composition, paint application, and the unification of light and shadow. There are no unturned stones.

Painting the Flower Portrait

Master Painter Dennis Perrin, recognized as one of this generations' leading painters of flowers, will lead you through his patented method of painting step-by-step, with a calm, soothing demeanor, allowing you to easily explore one of the most interesting and captivating of all artistic subjects.

Regular Price: $97

The Peony Evolution

Any painter, regardless of level, would find in this course, revolutionary new ways of thinking about painting, as well as techniques and materials that will allow the painter to evolve to a whole new level of understanding in executing their paintings.

Regular Price: $97

Finding Inner Peace through Painting Roses

Find out how, through a mastery of the painting method, you can be firmly in the driver’s seat throughout the process.

This includes all materials and palette, as well as paint application, color, value, and temperature.

Regular Price: $97

The Peony Universe

This course is for anyone who wants to “crack the code” on the elusive, seductive, and exquisite Peony as a subject for painting.

Dennis will take you right into the garden with him as he masterfully renders these luscious beauties into paint!

Regular Price: $97

Streamlined Virtual Classroom

Our virtual classrooms work on any computer or smart device. You will also be able to connect with Dennis and the other students. 

As with all of our virtual courses, this package comes with lifetime access to the course material. Go at your own pace, dive in when you have the time, or fully immerse yourself right away. 

  • Dennis Perrin Fine Art

    “I wanted to thank you, Dennis for your valuable instruction and guidance with the course I took. After a long dry spell before taking this class, I am painting once again and look forward to not just practicing the Perrin Method, but also finding the quiet place necessary in my mind in order to truly enjoy it. There have been a few events in my life in the past two years or so which have caused me to stumble a bit, but I think I'm back on my feet with your help. Your influence is far-reaching, Master Perrin, and you are greatly admired and appreciated.”

  • Dennis Perrin Fine Art

    “I've decided to call it done. Overall, I'm happy with it. I feel I'm getting more consistent which is what I hoped for. I felt, before, that I'd throw paint at a surface and hope something I liked popped up. I now see a way forward to refine my vision and be able to execute it. I'm so happy painting! And I feel like there's so much more to do and learn!”

  • Dennis Perrin Fine Art

    “Have really enjoyed the past few weeks painting and sharing with such a talented group and watching the demos from a true master instructor. A lot of information for me to process in the transition from pastels to oils but it's fun going down that road. Sometimes the road gets a little bumpy but that journey is fun!!”

To purchase each of the Courses in this package, you would pay a grand total of $388. 


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