28 Day Self Empowerment Challenge

Join us & our team for a FUN filled challenge experience to start off 2021

Enjoy a special message below from Dennis.

He'll be sharing all about the Challenge and what's entailed in the video below!

Before you begin, set your intention for what you want this challenge to be for you. It could be just about anything, but be wary of being too specific and challenging your beliefs. You don’t want to put pressure on yourself!

  1. The Rampage of Appreciation
  2. The Mirror Practice
  3. The Journal Entry
  4. The Intentional Meditation
  5. The Segment of Quiet Time
Remember, these practices are not a to-do list to be checked off each day. They are a set of powerful tools which can help you realize your dreams. Practice them with love, with respect, and with a mindful focus.

Now you're ready! Choose a day to begin, perhaps tomorrow is perfect for you? You can always jump in today if you're ready to rock!

If you're posting about your Challenge on Instagram or Facebook, be sure to tag us (@dennisperrinfineart) and use the hashtag #perrinchallenge2021 so we can follow your progress! You can also use the hashtag to find others doing the challenge.