Workshop with Dennis Perrin

October 28th-30th in Santa Paula, California

Painting from the Inside Out

All levels welcome, basic knowledge of oil and equipment a necessity. 

Dennis will help you realize your potential as an artist by going beyond materials and techniques.

Creator of the Perrin Method, Dennis’s teaching covers not only the technical aspects of painting, but the thought processes behind painting with special emphasis on the power of belief and intention. 

The principle subject will be floral still life in oil but may also include some outdoor painting in a garden or with a figure in the scene. Be prepared to explore the possibilities.

A workshop with Dennis Perrin is more than just a teaching event about technique and picture making. It's a comprehensive seminar on how to think about painting, where a painting comes from, a self-examination of the question "Why Paint,?" as well as a thorough exploration of color, value, temperature, technique and materials.

Attending a Perrin workshop ensures a complete exposure to the lineage of the great painters historically, and an immersion in the full enjoyment of the Creative Process. By teaching students to imagine and visualize their completed paintings, Perrin provides the student with an infallible road map to the successful completion of any creative project.

Through discussion, slide shows, and demonstration, Perrin gives the student a complete of understanding of the Perrin Method™ as well as a toolbox full of useful, practical tools that will perpetually serve the aspiring artist, accomplished amateur, or professional painter in the realization of their visions. 

The workshop begins with a lively session of introductions, followed by a development of intentionality. Perrin then lays out the Perrin Method™, its historical precedents, and its direct application to painting. He also brings everyone up to speed with the Checkerboard Illusion, the Color Illusion, and the Value based Simplification process.

This is followed by a complete demonstration of a painting, step-by-step, from conception to completion.

In person workshop with Dennis Perrin in Santa Paula, California.

October 28th - 30th.

Cost: $450 (installment plan available)

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