Painting the Rose Portrait

A 3 week virtual course with Dennis Perrin

This course is for anyone who wants to find the path to a quiet, meditative mind through the act of painting beautiful, sumptuous paintings with roses as subject.


Learn to delight in loose, brave, expressive brushstrokes in your paintings.

Join a worldwide community of artists celebrating the joy of painting.

Learn a tried and true process to guide you through the execution of a painting from conception all the way to the final brushstroke.

Discover the true meaning of "Painting From the Inside Out," the empowering principle that Dennis gifts to everyone who takes part in any of his teaching events.

View the demonstrations and instruction over and over at your leisure.

Dennis Perrin has made a powerful intention to coach all of his students in the art of meditation as it relates to the act of painting.

From the initial murmurs of desire to create to the full blown act of painting, Dennis walks the student through every stage of the creative process, including development of the personal vision, the formation of specific intentions, the power of mood or atmosphere in a painting, as well as the complete process of the material act of painting, from brushes, to colors, to set up, to execution.

And all of this coming to the student to the comforts of their own home or studio!

From Master Painter Dennis Perrin

rose-collage.JPG"I encourage my students to first practice visualizing the finished painting in their mind’s eye before they even touch a brush or paint. In fact, we often begin our classes with a guided meditation that encourages them to “see” the finished painting. 

I then invite them to step slightly back and see that the painting is mounted on their easel, just below is their palette covered in swirls of paint, with brushes and paraphernalia nearby. I also invite them to “see” their own hand and to realize that they are the artist that created this painting.

Through this process, the student enters the role of being the creator of this work and sets the stage for them to now “allow” the painting to come into being in real, physical terms. This simple but powerful shift takes the painting process to a whole new level!"


Why take a virtual course?

Not only do we emphasize the traditional fundamentals of the art and craft of painting like value, color, composition, and design, we also offer carefully crafted teachings around the true source of all creativity—how you, the artist, thinks and feels about painting in general and any specific painting in process.

This emphasis on the artist themselves, in addition to the artwork, is what sets us apart. Through exercises in meditation and Imagination, Dennis will guide you through the entire creative process from conception to completion.

Painting is more than just a process of creating a piece of art. It is a state of being that has application well beyond the domain of the palette, canvas, and easel.

Dennis Perrin, a Master Painter and Teacher, with over 30 years of experience, will demonstrate the power of thought in transforming your art into a powerful expression of who you really are!

Gain a foothold, or more, into the often spoken of but challenging-to-realize principle of

I am fond of encouraging students to be mindful of what they say about themselves and their work. Why? Because words and language encapsulate our thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and emotions. When we use language to express ourselves, we create momentum and generate greater energy from the thought that’s behind the words and phrases we choose. 

So if we want to shift the energy in our vibrational makeup, language is a good place to start. When choosing words that point in the direction of what we want instead of back toward what we don’t want, we generate energy that opens new doors and leaves behind unwanted habits of thought and action. – Dennis Perrin 

roses2-banner.png How will this course help me to become a better artist?

The focus of ALL of our Virtual Courses is on YOU, the artist.

By cultivating a greater understanding of where paintings come from, the natural result of your efforts will be elevated to a refined place of expression, thus aligning your beliefs with your desires.

Dennis gives great emphasis to the individual and their state of mind before, during, and at the final stages of any painting process. This focus on the mind of the artist empowers the individual to not only complete powerful, compelling paintings, but to become the artist that one has always wanted and imagined themselves to be.

"You only have available to you some simple materials: paint in tubes, a palette, brushes, a painting ground like canvas or gessoed panel, and two dimensions. Yet, with these limited materials, and a profound understanding of the importance of value, abstraction, and the relationships of abstract value shapes, you can create vibrant, shimmering, powerful paintings that beam with the illusion of light."– Dennis Perrin


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About Master Painter Dennis Perrin


Dennis Perrin can best be described as a painter of light as it illuminates and describes the subject. Mr. Perrin always chooses to paint in front of the subject, not content to settle for photography or video as painting material. Dennis has been called an American Impressionist Painter in the Boston School tradition, and that is not surprising since among his greatest influences are the American Painters John Singer Sargeant, Edmund Tarbell, and Frank Benson, as well as the French painter Henri Fantin-Latour. Other major influences have been Diego Velasquez, Johannes Vermeer,  Thomas Dewing, Maxfield Parrish, Joseph DeCamp, and so many others.A former member of the Guild of Boston Artists, Mr. Perrin paints in order to express his great love for the beauty seen all around, especially in his immediate environment. Dennis studied at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art with M. Dell Weller, who taught him the power of seeing and translating that vision into paint. He continues his studies exploring the subtleties of light through paint. Among his favorite subjects are the human figure, clothed and nude, flowers, still life, and the interior space, often populated with one or more figures. Though not as frequently seen in his work, Perrin is an avid plein air painter of the New England landscape.To view the artist's current work, please visit the Gallery website here.

What's Included in this Virtual Course:

rose.jpg3 Modules of live lesson recordings, instructional videos, and material with Master Painter Dennis Perrin

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3 Q&A Session Recordings with teacher Dennis Perrin

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