Painting the Flower Portrait 2.0

A 4 week virtual course with Dennis Perrin

We're excited to offer the upgrade to the original landmark course, our very first offering from The Perrin Method™.

With all new videos this course is the most advanced training in the world for the poignant subject of flowers.

Master Painter Dennis Perrin, recognized as one of this generations' leading painters of flowers, will lead you through his patented method of painting step-by-step, with a calm, soothing demeanor, allowing you to easily explore one of the most interesting and captivating of all artistic subjects.

Through high quality video and in the moment narration, Perrin will let you in on the secrets that have vaulted him to the top of the world of flower painting.

Only now have these secrets been made available to anyone, anywhere in the world, on any device, designed to conform to any schedule. And the best part is, this course, once purchased, is available lifetime!

With 5 Modules of Material, You Can Expect to Learn the Following:

1448913329292.jpegWho is Dennis Perrin and what does he have to offer?

Learn the History and Lineage behind the Floral Still Life and its allure in Art History.

How to keep your palette and colors easily and simply organized so your palette serves you.

How to conceive of your painting in a holistic way so that every part works easily with every other.

How to compose powerful, simple statements so your paintings sing cleanly and clearly,even across the room.

What colors and brushes best align with your intentions for your paintings.

How to look at a painting you admire and easily discern what makes it great.

How to simplify your paintings to achieve unity, power, and clarity.

How to align your intentions and your beliefs in order to achieve unlimited results in your work.


From a Perrin Method Student:

“Dennis, your method has begun to solve my longstanding issue of color vs value. I had been taught value comes first, but was still not clever enough to keep my values separate on the palette. I paint mostly chiaroscuro and in the particular style I was familiar with, shadows were to be mysterious and transparent. Except for the odd reflected light or translucent effect, shadows were mostly left to themselves. There is very little value or color done in shadows other than right around the transition. I love how alive your shadows become! I never liked my paintings not done with the dark shadowy background. Now I realize how to handle higher key paintings and make them interesting! Play with the shadows! Your method will be terrific whatever the style in which I choose to paint! I am so happy you share all your wonderful insights with students! I found your first online class in December 2015. I have signed up for every subsequent class and will do so for your next one. You and the other students have been my own wonderful armchair art workshop for over a half a year! And you all feel like supportive friends. And I hope you continue to offer classes on any subject you can dream up!” – V.E.