The Essentials of Painting – Unleashing Your Artistic Powers

A 3 week virtual course with Dennis Perrin

Unleashing Your Artistic Powers

Perrin's teachings strike the perfect balance of mental practice, emotional posture, and physical skill to empower you to create compelling, vivid, and memorable paintings that reverberate with poetry and emotion.

IMG_2032-space.JPGWhether you are a novice painter looking for experienced guidance, or an experienced veteran looking for a next step, The Essentials of Painting is for you! Dennis Perrin, Master Painter and the founder and creator of The Perrin Method™, has devised a revolutionary course that reaches back into the history of painting and brings forward the most empowering principles of design, composition, and technique that can soon put your painting efforts into hyper-drive!

Become a “Poet in Paint” - Learn how to set the mood and execute the exquisite subtleties that are the essentials of painting.

Gain a thorough understanding of the General to Specific Process - Discover, perhaps for the first time, how to turn your vision into a reality, while having fun and truly enjoying the process.

Take charge! - Find out how, through a mastery of the painting method, you can be firmly in the driver’s seat throughout the process. This includes all materials and palette, as well as paint application, color, value, and temperature.

Feedback - Get real time feedback from Master Painter Dennis Perrin on your efforts, refining and evolving into the painter you know you can be. 


Combining the best of the Masters with the empowering principles of the Law of Attraction, Perrin will take you through the steps to painting Nirvana, Unleashing your Artistic Powers in ways you never imagined!

“Dennis, your method has begun to solve my longstanding issue of color vs value. I had been taught value comes first, but was still not clever enough to keep my values separate on the palette. I paint mostly chiaroscuro and in the particular style I was familiar with, shadows were to be mysterious and transparent. Except for the odd reflected light or translucent effect, shadows were mostly left to themselves. There is very little value or color done in shadows other than right around the transition. I love how alive your shadows become! I never liked my paintings not done with the dark shadowy background. Now I realize how to handle higher key paintings and make them interesting! Play with the shadows! Your method will be terrific whatever the style in which I choose to paint! I am so happy you share all your wonderful insights with students! I found your first online class in December 2015. I have signed up for every subsequent class and will do so for your next one. You and the other students have been my own wonderful armchair art workshop for over a half a year! And you all feel like supportive friends. And I hope you continue to offer classes on any subject you can dream up!” – V. E.

"Dennis' teaching technique is well organized and gets to the point in producing a great painting. It's one of the best workshop investments I've made!" – C. L.


Consisting of Four Modules, You can expect to receive the following:

Who is Dennis Perrin and what does he have to offer?

Learn how to design and compose powerful paintings that will leap off the wall and grab the attention of anyone who views them.

How to keep your palette and colors easily and simply organized so your palette serves you.

How to conceive of your painting in a holistic way so that every part works easily with every other.

Find out what makes a painting great, and how you can apply it to your own work.

What colors and brushes best align with your intentions for your paintings.

Discover the secret Source of creative wealth that you already possess and can learn to tap into, making the process of painting an experience of joy and satisfaction.

Unlock the Artist that lives inside you and become the Artist you already know yourself to be.

How to align your intentions and your beliefs in order to achieve unlimited results in your work.

For perhaps the first time, learn what it means to become truly Creative through the powerful Law of Attraction.

Come into possession of The Perrin Method™, a process that will make painting easier and more enjoyable than you ever thought possible.

Learn how to create beautiful, bold, stunning paintings while enjoying the process from conception to completion.

Benefit from the tutelage of a Master painter anywhere, anytime, and in the comfort of your own studio.

Reach back into the history of Art and bring forward the secrets of the Masters.

Gain a new understanding of the power of the palette and how to get the most from this very important instrument.

Have the opportunity to get beneficial feedback from a Master teacher and painter.

Enjoy the benefits of the course well beyond the dates of the course.


An online course with Dennis Perrin and The Perrin Method™ is comprehensive experience on how to think about painting, where a painting comes from, a self-examination of the question "Why Paint,?" as well as a thorough exploration of color, value, temperature, technique and materials. 

Connect with the Virtual community and join Dennis from anywhere in the world!


 Our virtual community works on any computer or smart device. You will also be able to connect with Dennis and the other students. 


What's Included in this Course:

3 weeks of lessons, demos, and instructional videos with Master Painter Dennis Perrin

3 weekly homework assignments

Email Support

Online Virtual Classroom for Entire Course and Beyond (Lifetime Access)

3 Recorded Q&A Calls with teacher Dennis Perrin