Painting Sunlight

A 3 week virtual pop up course with Dennis Perrin

Painting Sunlight – Finding the Elusive Pot of Gold. A 3 week virtual experience available anytime, anywhere in the world.

With the capability to share his vast knowledge virtually, we are bringing to you this full multi-media painting experience. How does one translate “sunlight” into paint? Is this even possible? Master Painter Dennis Perrin will show you, step by step — through several of his favorite and most beloved subjects — how to create the look and feel of sunlight in your paintings. 

Why would I want to take this course?

Any painter, regardless of level, would find in this course, revolutionary new ways of thinking about painting, as well as techniques and materials that will allow the painter to evolve to a whole new level of understanding in executing their paintings.

Painting is more than just a process of creating a piece of art. It is a state of being that has application well beyond the domain of the palette, canvas, and easel.

Dennis Perrin, a Master Painter and Teacher, with over 30 years of experience, will demonstrate the power of thought in transforming your art into a powerful expression of who you really are!


How does one translate “sunlight” into paint? Is this even possible?

Master Painter Dennis Perrin will show you, step by step — through several of his favorite and most beloved subjects — how to create the look and feel of sunlight in your paintings. 

He’ll take you directly into the outdoors, under the trees, at the garden table, with the breezes blowing and the birds singing, where he’ll demonstrate using his trademark process, The Perrin Method™, how to transform a simple, two-dimensional surface into a world alive with warmth and sunlight. 

Through advances in technology, using both streaming and annotated video, Dennis will give you personal, revolutionary instruction on not just how to paint, but how to think about painting in a whole new way that will simplify and enliven your paintings and bring the joy into painting sunlightand any other subject of your choosing.

Featuring streamed lessons direct from the artist in the garden.


What you can expect to learn:

Learn how to create beautiful, bold, stunning paintings while enjoying the process from conception to completion.

Discover the satisfaction of Simplification, being in joyful control of your paintings from start to finish.

Benefit from the tutelage of a Master painter anywhere, anytime, and in the comfort of your own studio.

Reach back into the history of Art and bring forward the secrets of the Masters.

Gain a new understanding of the power of the palette and how to get the most from this very important instrument.

Have the opportunity to get beneficial feedback from a Master teacher and painter.

Enjoy the benefits of the course for a lifetime.

Find out what the most important tool of all is for the artist. The answer will surprise you.


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Our virtual community works on any computer or smart device. You will also be able to connect with Dennis and the other students. 


What's Included:

3 weeks of lessons, demos, instructional videos, and streamed lessons with Master Painter Dennis Perrin

A Pre-Study Week

Email Support

Online Virtual Community forLifetime Access

3 Recorded Q&A Sessions with teacher Dennis Perrin

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