Meditation for Artists - Package

Brand new to The Perrin Method! A package of Meditations, all of which have been created by Dennis Perrin, designed for artists, and can be enjoyed by all. This package includes 5 separate meditations, you can play right on the page (after purchase), or download to your own devices.

You might be asking, “What benefit will I derive from meditation? Will it make me a better artist? Could it make me a better person?” The answers are Yes and Yes!

How so? As an artist, our greatest resource is our mind and heart. When our intentions and desires are coupled with our passion for creating, our best work results. But when we are unclear in our vision, or we lack the desire for creating, then our work will fall short of what we are most capable. Meditation allows us to achieve an alignment of our minds and our heart, so we are bringing the best of ourselves to our painting. That’s when our work gains clarity, passion, and sophistication of intent. That’s when our audience begins to sit up and take notice!

The same principles apply in our everyday life. If we spend some time each day in meditation, quieting our minds and aligning with our heart’s purpose, this practice carries over into everything we do, all of our interactions with family, friends, and co-workers, and smooths out the rough spots in our day. A daily meditative practice allows us to feel what the Quiet Mind feels like, and gives us a greater avenue toward finding this mental and emotional oasis under any and all circumstances.

Music created by Jonas Perrin.