Ah, the great outdoors! Sunshine, gentle breezes, birds singing, water gurgling. 

Being outside is one of life’s great pleasures.

And painting outside?

An even greater pleasure, because creating something wonderful, while basking in Mother Nature, is such a satisfying, rewarding experience. 

We've selected four of our outdoor painting courses for this package, which we're calling our Plein Air Series Course Package, because they address all the core principles that any artist needs to reach their artistic goals.

Whether you are a beginner looking to build on a solid foundation, an intermediate hoping to advance your skills, or a professional with a desire to become elite, this package is for you!

Let’s start with Painting Sunlight, one of our most popular courses.

I’ll take you through the steps to create brilliant, scintillating works born from the careful observation of sunlight and it’s effects on form and color. 

Then there’s The Plein Air Painting Experience, a series of lessons on what it takes to be a successful and immensely pleased outdoor painter. 

Finally, you’ll come to Painting the Figure in the Landscape, a course designed to assist you in taking your landscape painting to a new level by bringing into the mix the human figure, or, an animal, even a manmade structure. With this course you learn how to create a powerful focal point for your painting, while still learning the ins and outs of successful landscape painting. 

And, you will get the bonus course, The Peony Universe, which is really a course in successful painting of the queen of all flowers, the glorious Peony. Since most of the course takes place outdoors in the open air, we’ve added it into the mix as a bonus to The Plein Air Series. 

Painting Sunlight

How does one translate “sunlight” into paint? Is this even possible? Master Painter Dennis Perrin will show you, step by step — through several of his favorite and most beloved subjects — how to create the look and feel of sunlight in your paintings. 

Regular Price: $197

Painting the Figure in the Landscape

If you're a romantic at heart, and you adore the beauty of the landscape AND the fetching allure of the human figure... then Painting the Figure in the Landscape is for you!

Regular Price: $197

Plein Air Painting Experience

From subtle and poetic to dramatic and intense, this course holds the secrets to both understanding and to rendering clear, beautiful and brilliant light in your paintings.

Regular Price: $197

BONUS COURSE: The Peony Universe

This course is for anyone who wants to "crack the code" on the elusive, seductive, and exquisite Peony as a subject for painting.

Regular Price: $197

Streamlined Virtual Classroom

Our virtual classrooms work on any computer or smart device. You will also be able to connect with Dennis and the other students. 

As with all of our virtual courses, this package comes with lifetime access to the course material. Go at your own pace, dive in when you have the time, or fully immerse yourself right away. 

  • Dennis Perrin Fine Art

    “I wanted to thank you, Dennis for your valuable instruction and guidance with the course I took. After a long dry spell before taking this class, I am painting once again and look forward to not just practicing the Perrin Method, but also finding the quiet place necessary in my mind in order to truly enjoy it. There have been a few events in my life in the past two years or so which have caused me to stumble a bit, but I think I'm back on my feet with your help. Your influence is far-reaching, Master Perrin, and you are greatly admired and appreciated.”

  • Dennis Perrin Fine Art

    “I've decided to call it done. Overall, I'm happy with it. I feel I'm getting more consistent which is what I hoped for. I felt, before, that I'd throw paint at a surface and hope something I liked popped up. I now see a way forward to refine my vision and be able to execute it. I'm so happy painting! And I feel like there's so much more to do and learn!”

  • Dennis Perrin Fine Art

    “I finished the sunflowers. Had a blast and I’m quite pleased with the result! I learned SO much in the last 3 weeks...amazing!”

To purchase each of the Courses in this package, you would pay a grand total of $796. 

Purchase The Plein Air Series Painting Course Package for only $397!