Genius University

The secret to releasing our genius lies in the concept of belief. Regardless of all other factors, it is our beliefs — and in particular, our belief about ourselves — that is the single biggest factor in deciding whether or not our native genius will be fully expressed!

If we believe we possess special qualities, then those qualities will become apparent in our work. 

The question becomes, how do we cultivate and nurture this belief if it is not seemingly present in us?


Introducing an entirely new offering from The Perrin Method™.

Genius University provides you with everything you need to become a highly successful, elite-level artist at a fraction of the cost of traditional art training. 

Study with one of the world’s leading painters and teachers of painting and the art of living.

Over 16 months worth of online, easily accessible, step by step instruction and art training on a wide variety of subject matter.

Every course is filled with Dennis’s teachings on the fundamentals of painting, the renowned Perrin Method approach, as well as his revolutionary teachings on how to think, imagine, and realize your dreams as an elite painter.

Membership in the Genius Circle means becoming a part of one of the most loving, supportive, joyful, and elite communities of artists in the world. Constantly evolving and peeling back the layers of self-limitation, the Genius Circle is a transformative experience on every level of our being, not just painting.

A one-on-one consultation with Dennis Perrin is a powerful, life-changing experience for anyone wishing to take their painting and their lives in general to a whole new level. Through these sessions, artists gain clarity on creating for themselves a path to artistic and personal success. 

Becoming a Certified Teacher of The Perrin Method™ opens up opportunities for income and travel throughout the world.  

Dennis Perrin is one of the most sought after artists in the world, with paintings hanging in private and public collections throughout the civilized world. Having the opportunity to collect his work at a significant discount is a rare and sought after privilege.

Learning from the Master, Dennis Perrin

Creator of The Perrin Method. Dennis Perrin is an internationally renowned and collected artist whose work hangs in public and private collections on nearly every continent.

His teachings go beyond the usual emphasis on traditional painting techniques to include visualization, imagination, and meditation, and Perrin strongly encourages his students develop their own unique Personal Vision as artists.

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Artist Genius Community

The Community forum is an ongoing part of the Genius Circle. This is a safe place where all members can share their work, their ideas, ask questions, and receive insights from Dennis.

This guarantees that your education will constantly evolve as Dennis takes you into the rich art culture of the Genius Circle.

The Genius Circle is for those who want to be in close virtual quarters with seekers of beauty and personal empowerment from all over the globe. 

Enrollment in the Genius University will give you the following menu of benefits:

All-Access Pass to the Virtual Course Library.

Lifetime access to all The Perrin Method™ courses (16 in all). A full 16 months or more of next level art training in the remarkable Perrin Method, know around the world as a leader in the online art study industry.

One year membership in the Dennis Perrin Genius Circle Community of Artists.

This guarantees that your education will constantly evolve as Dennis takes you into the rich art culture of the Genius Circle. Here you’re among friends, like-minded, focused artists who seek and find the tools to create great art and even greater lives. Not your parents’ art school, the Genius Circle is for those who want to be in close virtual quarters with seekers of beauty and personal empowerment from all over the globe.

Two one hour one-on-one consultations with Dennis Perrin.

A consultation with Dennis Perrin is a formula for artistic success. Having a Master Artist review your work, where you are, and helping you plot a path to where you want to be in your artistic career, is an invaluable tool. Those who have had the experience say it’s been a tremendous stimulus to their artistic growth.

The opportunity to achieve Certification as a teacher of The Perrin Method™.

Upon verified completion of the course material, and twelve full months of the Genius Circle, you will become eligible for training to become a Certified Teacher of the Dennis Perrin Method of painting, opening up opportunities around the world to conduct classes and workshops.

All-Access Pass to the Entire Library of Perrin Method™ Virtual Courses!

16 Courses of Virtual Art Training.

Included in your Genius Circle Membership:

- Personal Video Instruction with Genius Coach Dennis Perrin

- Mastermind Sessions with Dennis + Circle Members

-VLOG with Coach Dennis Perrin

- Homework Prompt to Activate Your Artistic Genius

- Global Community forum with all Circle Members

- Opportunities to share your work on Dennis Perrin Fine Art Social Networks

- Mindset Meditation that is designed by Dennis to assist with overcoming obstacles as an artist


Join the Genius University
Become a highly successful, elite-level artist!
At a fraction of the cost of traditional art training.

All Virtual Courses + Genius Circle Membership is accessible from any device, anywhere you live in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

Tap in, tune in, whenever your schedule allows and your heart desires.

Yes, I am ready to become an Artistic Genius!

The Perrin Method Library of Courses $640

Genius Circle Annual Membership $564

Two one hour One-on-One consultations with Dennis Perrin $300

Totaling $1504

Join the Genius University today for just $989

or Two Payments of $495

or Three Payments of $330