Off we go!

Aimee and I packing up to go on tour with our first stop at the Art Loft in Dahlonega, Georgia. This a quaint foothill town about an hour north of Atlanta that we visited last year at the start of our cross country tour. Our host is the dynamic Anita Elder, a powerhouse of Southern charm who has transformed her abode into a an art workshop Mecca. We're excited to kick off our tour with Anita and her delightful band of intrepid artists.

From Dahlonega we travel to Louisiana, home of cajuns, crawfish, and us! We still have a passel of family and friends there, so we'll pass a good time in Cajun Country and the Big Easy. Our workshop takes place in the heart of Cajun Country, Jennings, also the home of the Zigler Museum of Art. There we get to reconnect with old friends and get to know some new ones. After another short respite, we'll tear north to New Harmony, Indiana, for The First Brush of Spring, sponsored by the Hoosier Salon of New Harmony. It's our first time at the First Brush, know for it's cadre of national and international artist/teachers that I'm excited to meet and get to know.

After our four days or so in New Harmony, it's back home to Maine and full on Spring! New flower courses, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and so much more. Thanks for tagging along on our journey. Be on the lookout for more blog posts from the road as we chronicle our adventures

Cheers, no tears,




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