Well Underway

With a furious dash South, Aimee and I arrived in Dahlonega, GA, on Tuesday evening. The temps had soared into the 80's, for us a welcome respite from the frigid New England winter. But it proved to be a cruel deception as the following day the temps plummeted and a freeze warning was issued.

Whaat?!! This felt like we had unintentionally brought the cold scourge to the warm, springy South. Oh, well, out came the jackets.

On Thursday the workshop at The Art Loft opened with a packed house.

We started with a group
"meet & greet" in the round, as we explored the heights and depths of our collective artistic temperaments.

Then a spirited demo, as I chose a single Keira rose, well lit, on a 12" x 9" canvas. The day eased into the evening as a number of us chose to wine and dine at a choice dinner spot nearby.

Our evening ended with conversations around music, movies, painting and more. A delightful day from dawn beyond dusk.