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Hey Friends!

Camille Rose here. I am the CEO of The Perrin Method™ and wanted to hop in here and introduce myself! I also happen to be the daughter of Dennis and Aimee, so you may have seen me around. 
I wanted to write you all and invite you to check out our newest course, Foundations. Over the years we've been refining the technology with virtual art education and making The Perrin Method available to you all, worldwide.
I'm so excited about this course, because the virtual course system is so fluid and fun to use. I know, a real tech nerd right? It's the little things!
Well, I made this video for you, and I wanted to show you a little bit around this virtual classroom. The Pre-Study Module to this course is already available, so you can access it as soon as you sign up. Module One starts on June 4th, with Dennis in the Studio. This course is packed with video material, accessible anytime of the day, whatever your day looks like, wherever you are. 

I hope to see you in the classroom with us in FOUNDATIONS!
All the best,
Camille Rose at The Perrin Method™

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Gary Huntress

Hi Camille.  Nice to see the face behind the voice :).  To anyone who hasn't been part of a live class, I highly recommend it.  The ability to directly interact with Dennis and Aimee, while the course is being created, adds a whole new dimension to the learning experience.

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