What Can I Do To Feel Good?

Most of us use our current conditions to dictate how we feel.
If things are going well, we feel good about them.
But if life has soured, we don’t feel so hot.
We’re like a raft upon the sea, tossed about by the waves and the wind. Calm waters, calm emotions. Choppy waters, chaotic feelings.
But the game of life has been rigged in our favor, and we only need to know the rules in order to succeed.
Here’s rule number one: You can control how you feel in any given moment. It simply takes practice in order to gain some mastery over your emotions.
And it’s not what you think!
Here are some of my favorites techniques for Emotional Mastery:
Meditation - I spoke extensively about this in a previous blog, but suffice it to say that when you quiet your mind, you stop presenting the Universe with contradictory frequencies. 
Scripting - This falls into the category of “telling our story.” We all tend to live our lives according to the story we tell about ourselves.
If you like the way things are going, then your script probably doesn’t need much work. But if you’d like to see changes in your career arc or other facets of your life, then you’ll want to start telling a different story. You want to tell the story the way you want it to go, not the way it is going! 
This will require some careful consideration and word crafting on your part.
A number of years ago, I began telling the story that I am an artist who creates compelling paintings that people find irresistible. I am recognized as one of the world’s leading artists, and I have a worldwide following. I imagined just what that would look and feel like. 
Today, that story has come true. And I’m always looking at ways to tweak and revise my story to fit my new set of desires born from my successes. 

Imagination - I spoke also about this is a previous blog. Basically, it’s taking time each day to picture something you want that hasn’t yet manifested in your experience. During meditation is a good time. But perhaps the best time is right before sleep. This is a golden time to begin fashioning for yourself the life that you want.

Gaming - Another of my favorite techniques is to play the “Wouldn’t it be nice” game. Take any subject, and begin saying to yourself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I were a highly successful artist selling my work around the world?”

Ok, that might be a little too specific. So go general with your wishes. “Wouldn’t it be nice if everything works out for me in everything I desire?” This game is a great way to express to the Universe your pure desires without the contradiction of worry or concern.

Appreciation - Nothing sends a purer message to the Universe like appreciation. When you bring your attention to anything with love and appreciation, you broadcast the highest and purest signal of all! You can really turn on the juice with a Rampage of Appreciation. 

Sit down at your keyboard and begin typing anything you appreciate. Begin to feel the momentum building as you move from one thing to the next, finding all the positive and wonderful people and things in your life for which you appreciate.

Before you know it, your mood will be through the roof! I often do it right after breakfast as part of my journaling time, and it gets me going great into my day!!



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Therese Lynch

Very positive! I'm going to try to remember these things..


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terry shock

Thank you Dennis

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