How To Be The Painter You Are In Your Dreams...

How To Be The Painter You Are In Your Dreams
Do you dream big?
Do you imagine yourself to be a highly sought after artist who creates irresistible work?
Do you have aspirations to be known far and wide as a master artist?
You could be, you know. In fact, if you have that dream, then you already are! You see, what you imagine, what you hold as a powerful desire, already exists! It’s simply a matter of practicing yourself into believing it, or at least, not practicing any contradictory beliefs. 
The Universe exists entirely to support you in everything you want. It instantly lines up all the components  needed to fulfill your every desire, as long as you don’t hold any contradictory thoughts that interfere with that fulfillment. 
Think of it like this: Your thoughts exist as frequencies, very much like radio signals.
They broadcast certain frequencies that are then received and amplified by a Universal law know as the Law of Attraction. As long as these frequencies are given a “clear channel” by our intentions and beliefs, then the LOA takes them and spins them into substantial realities that “morph” all around us.
Our clear channels allow us to then realize these realities and they become our physical experience. The only issue is this: we typically contradict our desires with “buts.”
I want this, but…
It’s like we’re jamming our signals to the Universe with thoughts, or powerful thoughts we call beliefs, that disturb the frequencies so much that the Universe is unable to respond to our desires. We end up “settling” for realities unwanted, and our lives remain the same, our aspirations go unfulfilled.
We even end up blaming circumstances outside ourselves — family, employers, employees, the economy, the politicians, the luck of the draw — when all along it was us who undercut ourselves!
Now, here’s the good news! Once we become aware of how the system works, and that we can do, be or have anything we want, we can begin practicing our way into the state of receiving everything we want simply by finding a way to feel good.
Because, our emotions give us real time, in the moment feedback of what frequencies we’re broadcasting! Are we telling the Universe to bring us what we want? Then we feel good. We’re excited, we’re happy, we’re eager, we’re clear, we’re satisfied. Or are we giving the Universe mixed messages?
Then we’re worried, we’re disappointed, we’re bothered, we’re angry, we feel powerless or vulnerable. These uncomfortable, even painful emotions are direct indicators that we are thinking in contradiction to our desires. On the other end of the stick, those “feel good” emotions mean we are allowing the Universe to line up everything we’re asking for!
Ok, I hear ya’!
It’s not easy to turn your thinking ship around on a dime if you’ve been in a state of doubting yourself for a long time. And you can’t just “fake it until you make it.”
The Universe will not be fooled by words and affirmations. It responds to clear vibrations only! So think of this as a skill acquisition.
It requires daily practice, in particular, at times when there’s no pressure, in order to gain mastery over the way you think and consequently feel.
And there are several excellent strategies that will assist you in your quest to be come a “clear channel” to the Universe. I’ll give you some of those strategies in our next blog post. 
Let’s continue this conversation in the next blog….



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