Step into my Gallery

Hello, again, intrepid artists! 

I just recorded a new vlog and I want to invite you in for the discussion.

I talk about the latest experience I’ve had rediscovering some of my early paintings from the 1980’s and 90’s, as well as a fascinating discussion taking place in The Secrets of Painting Light, one or our virtual courses.

So many artists come to me with the idea of “loosening up” in their work, which I address directly in this video.

So step into my gallery, have a seat, and le…

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Inside Foundations

Hey Friends!

Take a look inside the newest Foundations course with Dennis Perrin:

So, right now, you can join my in studio!

You can learn at your own pace, in whatever setting you choose, on any device.

You have immediate access, and if you can’t get to it right away, you have lifetime access!

Get an inside look at what this course has to offer.


And, if you like what you see, step inside the studio and join me for a course that has everything you need to elevate your pai…

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Come + check out the classroom with Camille

Hey Friends!

Camille Rose here. I am the CEO of The Perrin Method™ and wanted to hop in here and introduce myself! I also happen to be the daughter of Dennis and Aimee, so you may have seen me around. 
I wanted to write you all and invite you to check out our newest course, Foundations. Over the years we've been refining the technology with virtual art education and making The Perrin Method available to you all, worldwide.
I'm so excited about this course, because the virtual course s…

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How is Painting a Form of Meditation?

How is Painting a Form of Meditation 2
Have you ever found yourself deep in the process of painting and realized you’ve lost all track of time?
Or that you’re really hungry but forgot all about eating?
How about realizing that you’ve completely neglected to water your plants?
Or even stopped to drink water?
Or worse yet, that you now realize you have to pee like crazy?
Of course you have! It’s common for people to report that they’ve become completely immersed in their painting and “lost touch with reality.” 

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What Can I Do To Feel Good?

Most of us use our current conditions to dictate how we feel.
If things are going well, we feel good about them.
But if life has soured, we don’t feel so hot.
We’re like a raft upon the sea, tossed about by the waves and the wind. Calm waters, calm emotions. Choppy waters, chaotic feelings.
But the game of life has been rigged in our favor, and we only need to know the rules in order to succeed.
Here’s rule number one: You can control how you feel in any given moment. It…

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How To Be The Painter You Are In Your Dreams...

How To Be The Painter You Are In Your Dreams
Do you dream big?
Do you imagine yourself to be a highly sought after artist who creates irresistible work?
Do you have aspirations to be known far and wide as a master artist?
You could be, you know. In fact, if you have that dream, then you already are! You see, what you imagine, what you hold as a powerful desire, already exists! It’s simply a matter of practicing yourself into believing it, or at least, not practicing any contradictory beliefs. 
The Universe exists entirely…

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Why Do Flowers Make Us Happy?


Do Flowers Really Make Us Happy?

In my last blog post, I discussed why we love flowers. 

And the short answer is 'because flowers make us happy'.

Flowers happen to be something about which I am truly passionate.

Most people agree that flowers have the potential to make us happy, and that specific flowers stimulate us deeply to feel positive emotions like peace, calm, serenity, even elation.
This article in Psychology Today attempts to address some of the evolutionary and biochemical reas…

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Why Do We Love Flowers?


What is it we love so much about buds?

Humans have been drawn to the enchanting attraction of flowers for millennia. 

And with Valentine's Day recently passing us, and with spring only weeks away, we will soon be surrounded by natures parade of blossoms.

So I wonder....


What is it about flowers that captures our attention?

The logical answer is that we love their beauty, color, shape, and fragrance.

But that answer seems....incomplete.

It just feels like the true answer is deeper, d…

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